Thomas Lombart

Hello. I'm Thomas,A front-end engineer.

I have industry experience in building web applications with JavaScript technologies. I also write technical articles, contribute to open-source, and more recently, mentor aspiring developers.


I mentor aspiring front-end developers on various subjects such as JavaScript technologies (React and Vue), writing technical articles, or even productivity.If you want to level-up your front-end skills, let's get in touch.

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Open Source

I use open-source software in my everyday job. It feels natural to give back to the community and contribute to it when I have time.Right now, I focus on an ESLint plugin for Testing Library.

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About me

My name is Thomas Lombart. I live in France. I learned web development by myself though I have a degree in computer science.I currently work remotely for Back Market, a marketplace for refurbished products. I’ve also worked, in the past, for Decathlon, and Mindbaz. I learned along the way how to build accessible, performant, beautiful and well-tested web applications with JavaScript technologies such as React or Vue.I acquired strong communication and writing skills over the years. I’m self-driven, product-oriented, and always give the best of myself.

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