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Hi! I'm Thomas, a front-end engineer.

I write and speak about code, design and everything in between.

How to find your next awesome ideas

10 Jan 2020
5 minutes read

Finding ideas is a hard task. And when you finally think you got a great idea, you realise it already exists or that you're incompetent. Then, how can you make your ideas come true?

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VS Code shortcuts to boost your productivity

02 Jan 2020
3 minutes read

Mastering the shortcuts of your code editor is a great way to increase your productivity. Let's see how you can leverage the power of VS Code shortcuts to make you write code like a pro.

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My year in review 2019

11 Dec 2019
5 minutes read

In 2019, I decided to keep a journal and a list of accomplishments throughout the year so that I'm able to know how the year went for me. Let's review 2019 then!

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3 easy ways to boost your web application performance

06 Nov 2019
6 minutes read

When building a web application, there's something you absolutely need to take account: performance. Lucky for you, there are easy ways to boost your web application performance. Come and learn how to do so!

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Test React apps with React Testing Library

09 Oct 2019
23 minutes read

React Testing Library is an awesome library that helps you strengthen your React applications. Learn how you can make use of it in your React apps and start to write maintainable tests!

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How to test JavaScript with Jest

18 Sep 2019
15 minutes read

Testing is an important skill every developer should have. Still, some developers are reluctant to test: it takes too much time and effort. It doesn't have to be that way though. Let's see how to get started on testing JavaScript.

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How to setup ESLint and Prettier for your React apps

28 Aug 2019
14 minutes read

A lot of tools exist nowadays to help you build high-quality apps. Two of them are ESLint and Prettier. They provide a good layer of safety in your app but setting them up can sometimes be confusing. Learn how to setup them properly in your React apps.

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Time management and productivity tips for developers

28 Jun 2019
9 minutes read

Being a productive developer is not an easy task. How can you make the most of your time with meetings, Slack messages and constant interruptions in your open-space? It's an interesting question that we'll tackle.

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Soft skills every developer should have

03 Jun 2019
7 minutes read

Soft skills are important, more important than technical skills. Because once you get the right soft skills, technical skills come naturally. Let's see which skills and why.

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Reverse-engineering Airbnb's internationalization library

29 Apr 2019
19 minutes read

Curiosity is one of the most important developer's assets: you explore new topics, understand how libraries are made of, etc. Learn in this article how reverse-engineering Airbnb's internationalization library made me a better developer.

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What you should know about JavaScript arrays

10 Mar 2019
18 minutes read

Let me make a bold statement: for loops are often useless and make the code hard to read. When it comes to iterating over an array, finding elements, sorting it or whatever you want, there's probably an array method out there that you can use.

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Create a Discord bot under 15 minutes

26 Dec 2018
13 minutes read

Discord is one of the most popular chat apps, especially for gamers and devs. It's cross-platform, free, efficient and you can do many things including building bots. Let's learn how to create such a bot.

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How to get better at writing CSS

17 Jul 2018
11 minutes read

Let’s not beat around the bush: writing great CSS code can be painful. A lot of developers don’t want to do CSS development. I can do everything you want, but nah! No CSS. However, when building apps, that's something you can't escape, so why not getting better at it?

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Writing blazing fast HTML code

21 Jun 2018
7 minutes read

Emmet is a plugin for text editors that will allow you to be way more productive when writing HTML code. Basically, you write a snippet, you press your tab key and Voilà. You just gained some time for the same result. Learn how to write fast HTML Code in this article!

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