Taking a break

01 Aug 2020

Photo by Tevin Trinh on Unsplash

I haven’t published a post since the 11th of May though I still have some ideas of blog posts. Part of it is that I joined a new job as a front-end engineer. But another part of it is that I don’t feel as motivated as before. Many times I wanted to write another blog post but didn’t feel like it. I have a few drafts but I’m not happy of their quality and I don’t feel that excitement anymore when I publish one. I figured out it was time to take a break.

I’m not saying I’ll stop writing blog posts. But that’s not my focus anymore as of now. I tend to overcommit to work and put pressure on myself. For example, I wanted to write a technical post every week to have some sort of rhythm and providing great reads to front-end developers. But I couldn’t handle it. Front-end development, while being just one aspect of my life, was taking too much time of my day: my job, open-source work, blog, side-projects. I didn’t have any time for the personal aspects of my life. That’s why I decided to put my side-projects and my blog on hold.

Since I’ve decided to pause and to take time for myself, I can focus on things that were not always possible: learn the piano, exercise more, and simply enjoy life! I don’t know if that’s a great decision. But what I know is that it feels good to pause.

Again, that post doesn’t mean I’ll never maintain this blog anymore. I’ll occasionally write a post once in a while. Stay tuned!

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